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Peace, Love and Local! For the love of all things local.

Meet our Vendors Apply Here

Be A Sweetheart



Heights Sweetheart Market is a juried event, meaning vendors are selected based upon the goods they have to offer, and most importantly fitting in with our motto at the market- peace, love & local! In order to be selected as a vendor, your business must fit our criteria and guidelines. We take pride  in offering a quality show that has a well balanced mix of high quality goods.  Items must be at least 40 percent home made or items repurposed, upcycled, altered, or creatively reinvented using items that are 40 years or older.  We allow new/resale items of unique categories with local owners, no national distributors.


1. Do you have a friendly personality, an old soul, a free spirit, or a fun loving passion for people, good junk & life in general?  Then CONGRATS – you just passed Sweetheart Rule #1!

2. Do you find yourself scouring the backroads, abandoned buildings, estate sales and more to fill your vintage soul?

3. You see the beauty in the weathered & worn. You adore vintage that has lived a long life and agree that only time and the life it lived, tells a story and gives it the timeless look that makes it one of a kind.

4. At night you dream of what creative display you can come up with next to show off your vintage in a way that’s never been done before. You push the boundaries of good merchandising and have a knack for showing off your goods.

5. A curator of one or more of the following:  mid century modern, vintage clothing, architectural salvage, rusty & crusty, vintage jewelry, industrial, rustic, primitives, pretty & chippy, european vintage, repurposed items, high quality handmade goods, vintage garden, artisan, local food, music.

 WE ARE NOW ACCEPTING APPLICANTS THAT MAKE QUALITY AND CREATIVE HANDMADE GOODS. Do you make quality and creative handmade goods? We’re looking for you! We’re excited to announce that we’ve made room for Handmade goodness at our show.


Located outdoors on a historic street in Houston Heights. Heights neighborhood is sure to bring you memories to last a lifetime. It’s full of character, adventure, fun, food, music & locally owned shops!


2017 Space Fee $100   Trucks $125  The one-day show will go on rain or shine and booth fees are nonrefundable for any reason. 

All spaces are outdoors.  Vendors provide all equipment. We are going for a unique high end shopping experience, and we feel that vendors need a white tent, which protects your merchandise from weather. Spaces are approx. 10×10′. Weights are also a great item to bring as we are in a windy part of the city and we do not want tents flying away. They are a huge help in stabilizing larger merchandise. If you would like volunteers to help you set-up a tent please let us know on your application, otherwise you will be instructed on set-up times.

Electricity is not available.  


It means that your application will be reviewed by a group and you’ll be selected base upon the photos and information you  provided when filling out the application. (The photos you send are very important in this process) Originality, the quality of product and booth display are all key when viewing your photos. Within 4 days after receiving your application we’ll contact you via email and let you know if you’ve been accepted.

If you’ve been accepted, we’ll send you the full contract to sign and return with payment.

Please show us your loot! You can link to 1-3 photos of what best represents you and your merchandise. (Website or facebook images work best.) Your merchandising and creative display skills should be visible in your photos. You don’t have to have been a vendor anywhere in the past. We welcome all creative lovers to the trail! Don’t worry if you don’t have any experience, we’d still love to see what you do with your local goods.  Don’t hesitate to take the plunge and apply for the show we can’t wait to see your goods!  If you want to participate as a vendor, please complete the Vendor Interest Form below. Approved vendors will receive a payment link.

2017 VENDOR INTEREST FORM                                                  FOOD VENDOR FORM

ARE YOU AN INTERESTED MUSICIAN? Please email us at  market@teaplusart.com